Enter the Gungeon Couch Co-op PC Shooter Gameplay

Blade & Soul (NA) Character Customization - First Look

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Trailer

Well it's official Street Fighter will have a fully fleshed out Story Mode. This is very exciting news for me. I have never been a grinder in any video games I play. A story mode helps me connect to the characters I am playing. Yes, and more yes to this news.

The Origin PC Omni - All in One high-end PC gaming

I really have to give it to Origin in thinking outside of the box on this one. this is just beautiful. If I did not have a living room setup this really would be on my list. Just WOW!!!

Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku Teaser Trailer

I know everyone is complaining about lack of content. To a degree I am in agreement. Coming soon we have a few new maps in the Battle of Jakku.