Amazing Spider-Man 2

If you did not see the new Spider-Man movie please skip this post. OK still here ...good. First I did enjoy the movie BUT I will not be going back anytime soon to see it a second time. That says a lot as I always go see these movies multiple times. On the one hand my wife really enjoyed the movie as she is not a comic book head and really only knows about them from me. I on the other hand felt Sony dropped the ball on this one. If there ever was a call for them to give this over to Marvel this was it. Lets be honest about that. Sony make a hell of a lot of money on the Spider-Man franchise so that will not be happening anytime soon.

My issues are man as I felt the movie spent way way WAY...too much time on the love aspect between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. I know the history and I understand why given her ultimate fate. That be said the movie was mainly about them two and the villains were secondary. THAT was my problem. I am cool with devoting time to the love story of Gwen and Peter and her fate ultimately defines Spider-Man his arch nemesis. Just don't make the whole damn movie about that.

Jamie fox was great what screen time her got. I really did like the new interpretation of Electro but the Green Goblin...OH HELL NAW....that was so wack.

I will definitely go into a more in depth review after the week. I just wanted to get a few things off my chest LOL. Should you see the movie..of course you should. I just dont thik Marvel has anything to worry about when we talk about Superhero movies.