Is America ready for Doraemon?

The Oricon Style website reported on changes that the Doraemon television anime is undergoing before its American television premiere this July. The Disney XD channel will run 26 episodes of the quintessential Japanese anime about a robot cat. The anime has been adapted for American culture and customs, as well its strict guidelines on violence, depictions of discrimination, and depictions of sexual content.
96958a9c93819688e2eae294888de2eae2e7e0e2e3e69793e0e2e2e2-dsxbzo7090723009052014000002-pb1-4The adaptation will move the setting from Japan to a fictional place in America. The robot cat Doraemon will still be Doraemon, while Doraemon’s owner Nobita is now “Noby,” the bully Gian is now “Big G” (Gian’s original name is a wordplay on the English word “giant”), and the spoiled kid Suneo is now Sneech to invoke the word “sneer.”
Most of Doraemon’s signature gadgets have been translated literally: the magical portal Dokodemo Door is now the “Anywhere Door,” the flying contraption Takecopter is now the “Hopter,” the memorization tool Anki Pan is now “Memory Bread,” Kūkihō is now “Air Cannon,” and Honyaku Konnyaku is now “Translation Gummy.” The recent English edition of the manga also has similar names.