Sony Playstation Streaming.....Is it good enough?

Now I want to start off by saying my hat is off to Sony for their forward thinking. Yes we have other game streaming services but this is a first from a major player. The plan will launch at $19.99 per month or $44.99 for a three-month bundle.

The thing about this service is, it is just not good enough. First when it starts it will only have 100 games that are playable. That is a far cry from the 800 PS3 titles that are now available. The second is the price. A service like this would be great if you would be able to play every system through streaming ala netflix. Since this is a Sony only service it really need to be $10 a month and have more games. At a $10 price point I can see everyone wanting to try this out. Also at launch there need to be PS One and PS2 titles. Is it a great first step of course. I just don't see the value yet as I can just go to Gamestop and pick up that classic game for a few dollars and play it forever.

I will be keeping a eye out on how this develops.